We are in Santiago for our second day and tomorrow my brother Dave and Raymond (an Aussie I walked with last year and will walk the Camino Portuguese with), and I will head for Finisterra (the end of the earth). We have said good bye to our Camino Primitivo family and are ready for a new beginning.

Santiago has been a busy two days. We have gone to the Pilgrims’ mass in the cathedral, spent time at the Pilgrims’ Office getting our “Compostella” (certificate that we have completed the Primitivo), taken a tour to the roof of the cathedral, and visited the cathedral museum. Santiago is packed with pilgrims and tourists. The “busy-ness” and commercial nature of the city has confirmed that reaching Santiago is less important than walking the “way to Santiago.” The pilgrim office has a small chapel that most people walk past and ignore. But a short slide show in it presented words of wisdom, some of which really impacted me. I share them below.

Blessed are you pilgrim:

– if you discover that the Camino opens your eyes to that which is not seen.

– if what concerns you most is not to arrive, as to arrive with others.

– when you contemplate the Camino and discover it is full of names and dawns.

– if you discover that the Camino holds a lot of silence, and the silence of prayer, and the prayer of meeting with God who is waiting for you.

– if on the way you meet yourself and gift yourself with time, without rushing, so as to not to disregard the image in your heart.

– if you search for the truth and make of the Camino a life, and of your life a “way”, in search of One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

– when you don’t have words to give thanks for everything that surprises you at every twist and turn of the way.

– if you discover that one step back to help another is more valuable than a hundred forward without seeing what is at your side.

– if your napsack is emptying of things and your heart does not know where to hang up so many feelings and emotions.

4 thoughts on “Santiago”

  1. Wonderful words of wisdom. Good you stopped! Enjoy next part of your journey. We are off to visit at Enderby today. Happy Sabbath.

  2. Love the one about the gifting of time. Looking forward to your next post. Try not to drop off the end of the world…😉

  3. Hi there Pilgrims: You two bros have done well. Interesting that you are facing an ending and a beginning. Wishing you all the best on the next leg of your pilgrimage. God is good and may He continue to bless you.

  4. Congratulations!
    Even I did not physically arrived with you in Santiago, in my spirit I did, as I followed your blog and also my daughter’s progress.

    It has been mentioned already, the most important part of El Camino, is not standing in front of the Cathedral, but the journey one has taken. And in this case it is not only the physical outward journey but the inward journey that we take as we walk. That has been my experience.

    Congratulations again, well done!

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