Our Camino Family

One of things about sharing a challenging experience like the Camino Primitivo with a group of people that you see everyday, is that you reach a level of intimacy in a short time, that is quite incredible. This evening, after a 27 km day through Galicia, we got together with our Camino “family” for supper. Most of them did not arrive here until around 6:00, while we were here around 3:30. We all gathered for pizza: Hans from Holland with his girlfriend Daniella from Mexico, Martin and Christina from Germany, and Stephanie from Quebec. The age range is from 25 (Martin) to 71 (me) and yet we all share a common experiene of the Camino and feel free to talk adout our lives, our families and our dreams. This special bond with a diverse group of people is one of the things that makes the Camino so special.

Tomorrow we all walk to Santiago and meet in the square at the cathedral, along with John and Allison from England and Stephanie from Canada who got there today. We will share addresses and emails and may never see each other again. But we will cherish the fact that, for a time, we were Camino family.

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  1. Glad you’re meeting interesting people and bonding. Look forward to hearing more! Men’s group is starting up again next Wednesday! Look forward to you rejoining is. Men’s Retreat was great! Greetings to your brother. How’s he enjoying the experience?

  2. Ken, I have been following your blog daily since I left Spain, since I also feel I am part of this Camino Family. So I have been waiting for the description of your arrival to Santiago and the Cathedral, and it is still missing!
    I know you have arrived, Vanessa told me so.

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