Ken Mather has been involved in heritage site research, planning, administration and collections management for the past 40 years. He started as an historical researcher at Fort Edmonton Park and later spent three years doing independent research and interpretive planning in Alberta. In 1979 he went to Barkerville Historic Park as the Interpretation and Education Coordinator and later was Curator for two years. He accepted the position of Manager/Curator at the Historic O’Keefe Ranch in 1984 and remained there, living on the site, until 2004. After that, he continued to work on a part-time basis as Curator of the Ranch until his retirement last fall. Ken has written a number of articles and research reports for different magazines and websites. His first full length book, Buckaroos and Mud Pups, was published in 2006 and his second book, Bronc Busters and Hay Sloops came out in May of 2010. His third book Cowboys and the Great Divide came out in April 2013.