Yesterday I walked for the second day alone as Raymond, whose cold was getting worse, decided to see a doctor and take the train to Aguedo. My own cold had settled in my chest and was still very much a factor but I chose to walk anyway. The day was cool and never warmed up and there was a fine rain through most of the day, so my rain gear stayed on. Twice I lost sight of any way marks and spent extra time searching for the trail, which never left pavement. It’s at times like these I question why I wonder why I am doing this. It seems like, since Lisbon, the way has been hard work through unexciting country and the recent cold weather and colds have made it seem like I am going against the flow. Why am I doing this?

I do not have a simple answer but it seems that each Camino is like a mini image of our life journey. That way, the ups and downs, the hardships and triumphs are all to be accepted equally as part of the journey of life, each one to be embraced and welcomed as part of being alive. Our hardships make our good times all the more precious and the people we meet along the “way” are important for what they teach us and what we impart to them.

Today we walked together under grey skies but no rain and passed over a beautiful Roman bridge built in the 2nd Century. We actually met two American pilgrims, proving that we are not alone on the Camino. Two more days and we will be in Porto where hopefully sunny skies and easy days will greet us.

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  1. Hi Ken. Gil and I have been faithfullly reading your blog and enjoying your excellent writing! Your trials and tribulations have been there and we are happy that you and Dave continued on with your adventure successfully. We have heard from Dave and sounds like they are loving their holiday. Having run a few marathons we have an idea of your determination to complete your goal. We hope things improve and you finish with an easier time. Things are good here in Yuma and our friends are asking if you are visiting ! Bye for now, Love and happy trails to you from Marjie and Gil

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