Preparing to Walk a Camino

As I will be embarking on my fourth Camino in early March, I have begun to switch my focus from the cares and concerns of daily life and onto “The Way”, an extended time of mostly walking (25km a day), contemplation and enjoying the scenery of Spain. This means getting my aging body into walking condition, assembling a collection of gear and accessories that will fit into a pack that weighs in at no more than 20 pounds, and finishing up all the loose ends of various ongoing projects: Mackie Lake House book (currently in the final stage of publication), O’Keefe family book (finished writing and looking for a publisher), meetings, etc. The latest complication, a few days before I leave, is that my brother Dave is unable to accompany me on the walk, but may be able to join me at the halfway mark. Oh well, the first of the inevitable Camino complications! I have walked many kms of Caminos alone before. As the cowboys say, “Not my first rodeo.” Stay tuned. I will report from Seville on March 9.

1 thought on “Preparing to Walk a Camino”

  1. Hi Ken,
    Looking forward to “walk” with you. Have fun.
    Bernhard & Petra

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