“me voy” ( I am leaving)

With those words, I said goodbye to the lovely people who ran the hostel in Seville and headed out on the Via de la Plata that will keep me occupied for the next 60 days. It was not an easy journey to get to that starting point. My original flights were cancelled, which left me with a 30 hour layover in Toronto. Neither Westjet nor British Airways would help, and finally, Avion booked me to Toronto at a better time to coincide with the BA flight which, not surprisingly, was delayed and I missed my connecting flight to Madrid. I stood in line for three hours to get a new flight that got me directly to Sevlle.

Here I sit in Guillena, Spain, on my first stop of 42 that will get me to Santiago de Compostella. I am in a top bunk in a room with 6 bunkbeds. Not exactly luxury accommodations but the 12 Euro price can’t be beat. I am tired and my feet are sore from the 23 kilometer walk today, but a beginning has been made.

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  1. A miserable and tough start for your journey……..but you are on your way. God speed.

    Joe and Eileen

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