Oviedo to Grado

After 24 hours of travel (from Edmonton to Toronto, then on a sleepless all-night flight to Madrid, then a five hour train trip to Oviedo on northern Spain) my brother Dave and I were (almost) ready for the Camino Primitivo. Our sleep Tuesday night had good, mainly through exhaustion. We spent Wednesday exploring Oviedo, first to the cathedral where we toured the magnificent building with a huge collection of Christian relics and memorabilia. Then we travelled by bus to Naranco to check out two Ninth Century buildings, the church of San Miguel and the church of Santa Maria, which was once a palace belonging to Alphonso II, who was King of Asturia and the originator of the pilgrimage to Santiago. In those days, referred to as the dark ages by some historians, Asturia was the last stronghold of Christianity in Spain and one of the few places, along with Ireland, where Christian scholarship was kept alive.
Today we set out on the Camino, despite the jet lag that caught up with us and spoiled our sleep. The way ranged from primitive trails to the shoulder of busy highway and the morning was cool followed by 25 degree heat in the afternoon. We will sleep well tonight.
TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES: Dave’s cell phone has given up on him and he is unable to log in. To add to the problem, I am no longer able to get into my email account in Microsoft, after trying every password I can think of. I guess we are not supposed to communicate with the outside world. At least my blog is working. I will blog whenever I have something to say and when we have WiFi.

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  1. Sounds like all is well and you are off to an auspicious start 🙂. I am on the end of my first day of my second three day overnite hike with 20kg Pack. My version of Camino preparation on the hurry up. 🤔

    Have to say managing 20km days ok but not looking forward to the 30 plusers. Trust your day two goes well and you both start to settle into the rhythm. TG the blog works!

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