Grado to Salas – Waymarks

As one makes one’s way along the Camino, the way marks are crucial. The traditional symbol of the scallop shell can be found everywhere along the route. In Oviedo, there are brass shells embedded in the sidewalks to guide the pilgrim out of town, the only problem being that they can be hard to spot and easy to miss, leaving the pilgrim wandering. So years ago, a priest who tired of pilgrims knocking on his door all day long, came up with the brilliant idea of spray painting yellow arrows wherever the route changed direction or where clarification was required. Soon, the yellow arrows could be found on every Camino in Spain and nowadays it is the universal symbol of the pilgrimage routes.
There are still times when the unwary pilgrim misses a crucial arrow and gets hopelessly lost. This morning on our way out of Grado, we missed an arrow and stayed on the main road out of town. We soon found ourselves on the very narrow shoulder of a two-line highway with busy traffic (including loaded semis) roaring by. We eventually found our way back by climbing up a steep embankment with full packs on, and walked 22 kms to Salas.
If walking the Camino is a metaphor for life’s journey, I got to thinking, “What are my waymarks in life? What symbols do I use to find my way?” I guess my major waymarks come from the Bible, where the universal wisdom can be found. Great minds over the centuries have used this source for guidance. During my walks over the next few weeks I will think further about the major symbols that have guided my life. Stay tuned.
TECHNICAL UPDATE: Dave has got his cell phone working, so can get emails and texts. I still don’t have email and Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to help. This could be very problematic in the weeks to come.

3 thoughts on “Grado to Salas – Waymarks”

  1. Glad to hear you two intrepid walkers made it and are on your route. Just a note about your tablet. If you go through a town large enough, maybe try taking it to a tech support store. It may be a simple fix. I had to do that once when I was in Spain. Praying that that works out for you. Tell us more about your walk too. What’s the terrain like compared to last year and how many km/day, people you meet, refugio conditions, etc. God bless you both.

  2. Country roads take me home
    To the place I belong….

    Sunshine on my shoulders make me happy.
    Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry.
    Sunshine on the water looks so lovely.
    Sunshine almost always makes me high.

    Some days are diamonds
    Some days are stone.
    Some times the hard times
    Won’t leave me alone.

    Talk about poems, prayers and promises
    And things that we believe in
    How sweet it is to love someone
    How right it is to care….

    An evening with John Denver and the WSO… I could go on. Enough ear worms to last awhile but a very good concert. A new appreciation for JD. They will do Edmonton and Calgary in November. Worth seeing.

  3. Good analogy Ken. I love hearing about the journey Miss being there with you. I will keep reading and reliving our Camino.

    God bless

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