On My Own

This morning Raymond let me know that he felt we should not walk together from Porto on. While I admit there was some tension between us (maybe more on my part) over if and when we should be taking public transportation, I didn’t see that as a major obstacle. I have been pretty committed to walking whenever possible as I see that as really what a pilgrimage is about, but have agreed that taking the train or taxi to gain time or avoid getting soaked when both of us have had such bad colds makes sense. Whatever the reason, it appears that I will be walking on my own for the remaining part of the Camino Portuguese.

Today was quite sunny and warm but the forecast is for rain for the next week at least. So I thoroughly enjoyed the walk through the country north of Porto and arrived at an albergue in early afternoon. Pilgrims are few and far between this time of year, but there are four of us here tonight, more than this albergue has seen in a week. They consisted of an Australian (ironical as it may seem) and two Americans from Alaska. The American couple are walking the same direction as me so I will probably be seeing more of them. It seems I am entering a new beginning.

2 thoughts on “On My Own”

  1. Hello Ken,
    You are committed and that is your strength. Praying for a continuous safe journey and better weather. Hope your cold will leave you soon. Chin up Cowboy.


  2. We admire your perseverance regarding your pilgrimage! Hope you feel better soon & enjoy meeting new travelers along the way! God bless, Gerry & Katie

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