Today, I explored Merida and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The city was founded by the Romans in the first century BC and has the most Roman buildings and structures remains of any city. It is a World Heritage Site. The bridge across the river here is longest surviving Roman Bridge anywhere. I got a great photo this morning of the bridge and its perfect reflection in the still morning water. The different sites are located throughout the city and not easy to find. The Trajan Arch still straddles a road that traffic passes through. It’s quite impressive seeing things that have survived 2000 years.

This afternoon, I walked to the Decathalon outdoor store, a fair distance across the river, and bought some hiking poles to replace the ones I left behind somewhere. They will help take the weight off my feet. All the walking today has been without foot pain. I will walk 17 km tomorrow so it will be a good test.

1 thought on “Merida”

  1. Hi Ken,
    Great to hear that your feet are healing. And of course you wouldn’t be idling around 😀
    Looks like being “grounded “ has given you ample time to explore the area.
    Have a great time.
    Bernhard & Petra

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