Having stayed in three albergues that did not have internet, it’s been difficult to write any posts lately. I am happy to report that my blister problems seem to be resolved, and I have walked about 100 kms since my last post.

Yesterday, I walked from Casar de Caceres to Canaveral (there should be a Spanish squigley thing over the n making it sound like “nya”). It is a formidable 32 kilometres without any towns or services. Among the pilgrims in the albergue in Casar de Catherse (mostly older men), it was the source of much discussion. The general feeling was to get an early start. In the albergue, things started to stir around 5 a.m., surprising since Spanish daylight saving time kicked in at 2 a.m., really making it 4 a.m. I lay in bed, not having had a good sleep, thinking that it was crazy to get up so early. But as lights went on and there was a bustle of. everyone getting their packs together, I had little choice but to get ready and head out. I joined a French pilgrim who had been in the upper bunk above me, and we headed out in the darkness. It was a good thing that I joined him, as it turned out, my headlamp battery was low and gave little illumination, so we depended on his excellent lamp in the pitch dark. The road was excellent, and we made good time for the two hours until daylight arrived. I assume we made about 10 kms.

As we proceeded, I began to fade a bit and encouraged him to go on. I struggled for another 10 kms but was very tired and it seemed that my pack was heavier on one side and I was tilted that way. It began to pinch my back a bit and really slowed me down. I unpacked and repacked my pack but it didn’t seem to help. The last 10 kms were painful and slow, but I managed to make it to Canaveral where a good bed awaited. Upon closer examination, I found that the top pouch of my pack, full of heavier items, was skewed to the left and causing the problem.

NOTICE TO READERS:Many of you have sent comments that I really appreciate, and I apologize for not being able to post them. I now have my password and will try to post them. Thanks.