The Rain in Spain

While packing my gear before heading out on the Camino, I made sure I was well-prepared for rainy weather. Spain in the spring can be dreary and rainy, not much fun for someone walking. So I packed a rain jacket, rain pants and a rain poncho, not to mention a pack cover to keep rain off my pack. For the first 40 days they were all consigned to a place in the bottom of my pack and I was glad not to have to use them..

Yesterday, they were a welcome addition, as the skies turned dark and the rain started pelting down just as we entered the outskirts of Orenze, a city of 100,000 people. It took us an hour to make it from the industrial sector on the outskirts of town to the cathedral near our hotel. We arrived at our hotel and shed rain gear, then left our 10 kilo packs and explored the cathedral and surroundings

Today, we got rain at various times during the day and handled it well. We are now only four days walking from Santiago, so stay tuned for the final installments on “Ken’s Excellent Adverture.”