One Day to Go!

Well, the 1000 kilometre walk has come down to 21 kilometres. Tomorrow we will arrive in Santiago. None too soon for Dave and I. Today is the sixteenth day in a row that we have walked without a day off and our bodies are protesting. Despite getting over my blisters, I still have a sore on the toe next to my big toe of my left foot that has come from the two toes rubbing together. This has crested a sore that we have to cover with an antibiotic and tape a gauze pad on every morning. Dave had a blood blister on the small toe on his left foot that broke open. We have to put polysporin on and tape it up each day. These sore toes don’t really slow us down but make every step painful. At the end of the day, when we get our boots off, it is quite a relief.

The weather has continued to be overcast and rainy, and the mornings chilly. But the trails in Galicia tend to be okay, except for a few spots where the rain has made the path into a mud hole. Galicia is cattle country, and this is the season for spreading manure on the fields. Most of this is in liquid form, and we encounter numerous tractors pulling large tanks full of liquid manure. As we walk, we can smell the pervading rich aroma. To a cowboy like me, it’s a healthy smell and helps explain the abundant hay crops in the area.

Despite sore feet and occasional rain, I am really enjoying walking with my brother and interacting with the other pilgrims along the way. The finishing of the walk tomorrow will bring mixed feelings, ranging from relief to regret that this rich experience is over.