Another New Beginning

Yesterday, after breakfast in the albergue, i stepped outside into bright sunshine. What s treat after days of rain and grey! There was a short climb and then long steep descent into a misty valley. After all, all that moisture had to go somewhere! By late morning, the mist had burnt off and i was able to see the rolling green hills and small towns of northern Portugal that hsd been obscured for the past few days. I made my way through the old town and fortress of Valenca and across an old steel bridge into Spain.

I must admit that I have struggled with the Portuguese language. I assumed that it would be an easy transition with similar vocabulary to Spanish. But the pronunciation baffled me and I found myself only able to communicate in the most basic way. So I was delighted to get back to Spain, where I am able to connect by language.

I have reconnected with Raymond and we will be walking the last six days together to Santiago. The dynamic of walking with a partner is quite different than walking alone and, even though I enjoyed my time on my own, I am ready to share the journey with someone else. Two sets of eyes make it easier to spot waymarks and conversation makes the time pass better. Today we walked to Porrino, a large industrial town that supplies much of the world’s granite from the mountains to the east. The forecast is for sunny skies all the way to Santiago

3 thoughts on “Another New Beginning”

  1. Looks like you are almost finished your pilgrimage for this year. You have battled a myriad of issues but you have persevered. Good on you! And it looks like you can finish in sunshine! PTL. Please post your going home plans as your email is still not working?

  2. Yeah for better weather!!! Glad you have company. Enjoy it all! Proud that you persevered! Your friends, Gerry&Katie

  3. Looking forward to seeing you when you’re back in Vernon. Interesting blog as always. Never a boring moment. The challenges you’ve faced this time have been significant and God has definitely shown up. Can’t wait to hear more. Blessings and peace as you complete the last leg of your journey

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