A Few of my Favourite Camino Things

– The crisp morning air when I start walking before the sun is up.

– The group of strangers I meet on the trail who become my “Camino Family” and soon know as much about me as my friends.

– Walking over the “Hospitales” route with my brother Dave.

– The distant yellow arrow that shows me the way when I feel like I have lost the trail.

– The warm smile and “Buen Camino!” from local elders who have spent their lives watching scruffy people with packs walk through their town.

– The warmth of the sun’s first rays on my shoulder.

– A “communal dinner” at an albergue where all languages and races find a place to share their Camino stories.

– The hot shower after a hard day’s walk.

– To walk into a cafe and see everyone talking to each other eye-to-eye and no one staring into their cell phone. (This actually never happens if there are pilgrims in the cafe.)

– The rolling green hills of Galicia.

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  1. Nice to see all your high points listed! Look forward to discussing your highlights in more detail when you return.

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