Un Buen Dia

It is not my intention to write a blog post every day, but it has occurred to me that my blogs have been a little “whiney” so far. So today I want to tell of my good day (buen dia). I was wide awake at 6:30 and out of my hostel by 7. I followed my usual routine of stopping for a cafe con leche (coffee with milk). Then I headed out of the village on the dusty rural road that is camino. I was all alone with my thoughts and my painful feet were only a minor irritation. The sun was just rising and the birds were singing from every bush. Occasional sheep could be seen on the green hills. I did not see another human for the first couple of hours. I felt strong and very thankful being right where I was. The second half of the 20 kilometre walk was along a trail beside the highway but nothing could spoil a day that had begun so well, a “buen dia.”